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Looking for a Cristel product ? Discover the Cristel cookware and kitchenware catalogue in a click. CRISTEL, is France's number one producer of cookware with removable handles.

Learn more about our induction saucepans

Cristel offers many stainless or induction saucepans. Check our different professional quality cookware ranges to learn more.

> induction saucepans
> induction pan
> induction saucepan
> stainless saucepans 
> stainless pan
> removable saucepans
> removable-handle saucepans
> saucepans

More informations about frying pans

> stainless frying pans
> induction frying pans
> removable-handle induction frying pans

Learn more about our cookers

> pressure cookers
> stainless steam cookers
> pasta cookers

Choose your stock pots

> stainless stock pots
> induction stock pots

Discover our cooking-pots

> stainless cooking-pots
> induction cooking-pots

Our range of kitchen utensils, cookware...

> kitchen utensils
> cookware
> induction cookware
> stainless steel cookware

You are interested in our French quality kitchenware and you wish to have more information : contact Cristel.

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